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Subject: Coreplayer key
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anand777 1.07.09 - 08:19am
Where is key request topic? I want coreplayer v1.2 key. Plz help me *

stefdag 1.07.09 - 09:15am
on the nokia s60 forum mate.if you read this here, go the page down and click on 'main' then click on 'forums' and then on nokia s60 forum..

anand777 1.07.09 - 03:55pm
Oh god there oh ok, i will check. Thanks mate. I heard a lot abt u. Dont know how u manage all this. *

stefdag 2.07.09 - 12:31pm
lol dont know what you heard but i hope only good things :) *

anand777 3.07.09 - 12:12pm
Lol. U funny, ofcourse good things bro. Tc nice to meet you, by the way i wanted coreplayer v1.2 Key but then i search and i got coreplayer v1.3 with key in 1site. So now i will wait if v1.4 is coming IN YOUR SITE for my Nokia N70 ME. Thank you bro you are inteligent and looks nice too in nature. God bless you *

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